A New Dawn in Business Music

Eos is the best value in background music for any type of businesses, from restaurants to hotels, from offices to retail stores.

Music Wanted

Eos is seeking up-and-coming unsigned artists and indie record labels to partner with us. A randomized, "artificial intelligence DJ" ensures everyone gets fair play time, whether they’re on a huge label or they’re an unsigned artist with a single song. We'll put your music up on one or more of our numerous, genre-based channels, and every time you get played, you get paid!

The Most Artist-Friendly Revenue Stream

Eos pays royalties directly to artists and labels, without any middlemen taking a cut of your earnings. Every month, you'll get an email showing every business around the globe that played your music and how much you get paid for it. It's simple and easy.

What, You Haven't Signed Up Yet?

What are you waiting for? Get started right now! Our Music Procurement Team will reply within one business day.

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